Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cutting lifelines in the name of efficiency

Let's say you're going on a long hazardous trek through the woods with your friends. You've bought some wheat bread, muesli bars and baked beans to last you all through the forest. But wait a second, your friend Alex has a wheat allergy and the things you bought all contain wheat, in some form. What would you do? Well you could bake some home-made wheat free muesli bars or bring bananas.

Unfortunately this government has gone bananas and thinks Alex should toughen up and eat the wheat like everybody else. Today in ths Sunday Star Times, one multiple rape victim speaks out against ACC funding cuts. She was told to go into therapy that would not suit her frame of mind. Though she had spent a while in counselling, everyone responds differently and she was infact recovering.

She is not alone in her protest. We deserve better than this from our government. David Wadsworth of Access Support Services is right about ACC corporate culture too: "If ACC can get out of any funding of sensitive claims claimants, they'll do it by hook or by crook, as I see it. And they're really the most vulnerable group." There are obvious cases of people ripping the system and ACC trying to prevent this. Unfortunately innocent people are caught in the crossfire. Like an insurance company wanting profit, they can end up rejecting a claimant the first time and make them go through hoops a second time. The time has passed for this hogwash to come to an end.

New Zealanders are people and ACC should act like they are.

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