Saturday, May 1, 2010

One normal and two weird dreams I had last night

First dream was about a place called Barrington House. It was on my street. 10 people lived in it and it had one carer. This carer also had a masters in art. The other nine people had a intellectual disability of some form, but were able to live together. They'd spend a lot of their day making and doing art activities together. Sometimes they'd work on art projects and sell them at auctions so they could get money for their house.

Second dream was about Croc 3 for playstation. If you don't know what Croc was it was a platforming 3D videogame with a cute crocodile for the videogame console called playstation. You might not understand much of this dream unless you were/are a playstation gamer so you could skip to the next dream. Anyway they made Croc 3 for playstation. They tried to rip off Zelda: Ocarina of Time and gave Croc a hammer to attack enemies with. It was on a island with four areas and a tall large tower in the middle. The tower and areas all had their own nameless levels too. It was going to have a psuedo free-roaming element. But instead of it being a big world, the levels would be connected by paths that were pretty much nameless less challenging levels. There was a deep lake area and this lake was also a well. There was a desert and volcano area. There was a large gigantic forest area with huge plants. So Croc 3 was pretty much a bunch of levels stuck together. In the game they made it very similar to Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Like the way you'd attack a enemy or the enemy sounds. There were hundreds of Gobbos in each area, it was like a collectathon. Each area also had native Gobbo inhabitants. Fisherman Gobbos, Indian Gobbos, Cave gobbos and Tribesman gobbos. It seemed like it wouldn't be big enough to fit on the PS1game disc. But it wasn't good enough to be on the PS2, graphically.

The third dream had superman making a life or death decision. He had what was called the spear of life. If he killed somebody now, in 1000 years they'd be ressurected. Or that's what was meant to happen. The world was in crisis and needed superman. But there was no guarantees there'd be any superheroes in the future. Almost all the heroes wanted one of them to be around in 1000 years. Superman was deciding between the flash and wonder woman. Batman refused to participate and said "I don't believe in fairytales."

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