Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Post / Introduction

Look at me I'm blogging! Now let's see what I can talk about. I guess I should say a bit about myself. I'm a young male student from New Zealand who's studying social work. Most people would call me left wing. I value the enviornment, welfare and individuality.

I think we need more protection and conserving for our enviornment. It's a limited resource that doesn't quickly replace itself. It's essential for a high quality and quantity of life. We need to bring more focus on creating more sustainable food, technology and ways of living. A healthy society relies on a healthy enviornment.

Welfare is also a vital part to ensuring a strong and stable society. Humans are social creatures by nature. If a human cannot meet the needs of their well-being, neither will their society. Society and individuality are inter-connected. If we don't help the people failing to meet their well-being, who will? I'm not saying we should all volunteer 16 hours a day. But we need to support those that cannot support themselves, or we fall together. A welfare system is vital to supporting individuality as well.

Individuality is what gives meaning to life. It is our inate desire to express ourselves. It's why we listen to music, eat different food or joke. I'd like as much as possible for us to express ourselves while meeting our vital human needs. Our need for food, water, shelter and love. Yes love. We don't have to be hippies and live in a lovey dovey commune to have love. A parent or caregivers love is important for children to be healthy adults. People generally can love each other for being human with all their faults. But when you take away love you have fear and when you have fear you have war, starvation and devestation.

I hope you enjoy my posts. I'm not sure how long I'll go with this but I'll try to update this at least weekly. I have other interests as well and will post about those. Looking forward to happy blogging :D

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