Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Screwed up Thomas the Tank Engine dream I had.

I was in a second hand shop and I saw Thomas the Tank Engine for Sega Megadrive. The case looked pretty legit. I thought “Hey I didn't know there was a Thomas the Tank Engine game for the megadrive. I wonder what it's like?” So I bought it for $5. Took it back home, stuck it in my megadrive and turned it on. The pixelated screen came up saying “Thomas the Tank Engine”. On it was a picture of Skarloey. If you know Thomas the Tank Engine you know he's nearly the opposite of Thomas the Tank Engine. He's a small, red, humble and old steam engine. He is not Thomas the Tank Engine.

So I press start and I'm playing as Skarloey. The game is in a top-down view. I look to be in a rain-forest level. But something is different about him. He has missle launchers, laser guns attached to him and a turret gun on top of him. Also he's on a single rail line with no support underneath. Railwaytracks have two lines and have a big bridge to support it if it's so high. With multiple rail lines around him. I was thinking “Hey this isn't what Thomas the Tank engine is like!”. So I play as him and go along the track. Then another green train passes by me. It's name appears above it as “Maiota”. I was thinking “Wtf? Thomas the Tank Engine has british sounding names. Not foreign sounding names. Also what are with these weird engines?”

Anyway so I went along the rail line and into a friendly train village. There were a bunch of other trains as well on single rail lines. They were purple, black, grey, teal and didn't look like any engines in Thomas the Tank Engines. They and had their own weapons like homing missles, flamethrowers. I went up to one to talk to it and it said “We have to stop Astol from destroying planet.” I was wondering what was going on. Then I realised I was playing a Chinese bootleg of a Japanese railgun mech RPG where all humans have been destroyed and they rule the planet. They translated the script and editted the graphics. But they didn't even try to change the script to make it remotely fit Thomas the Tank engine.

Then I woke up because I reminded myself I needed to get to my course. :(

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