Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weird dream I had, a beat'em up game with aliens and people

I was traveling to the top of a cliff on an airship with Bart Simpson. This cliff was on a medium sized mountain surrounded by the ocean. Bart was trying to get to Michael Jackson's funeral. Along this cliff are two unmarked ways you can go. Bart went into his limo and drove down the road. The limo driver asked him “Which way do you want to go?” Bart replied “I don't care. Just take any of them.” So the limo driver took the left one, which made them fall off the cliff and into the sea.

After seeing this I walked down the road and took the right road. It was getting to be a long walk so I thought to myself “This is taking too long. I'm not going to get anywhere this way.” So I did a Super Mario 64 leap off the cliff. If you don't know what that is, think a superhuman longjump. So I leapt off the cliff, across the ocean towards I island I had seen. When I landed I was greeted by some members of the US army fighting a alien queen monster. It looked like a giant caterpillar with two spider legs coming out of its mouth. It grabbed one of the men and swallowed him whole. She then said telepathically “You will now be a part of my eyes and brain.” Suddenly the dream camera zoomed into her eyes where all the olive-coloured alien fluid was. The soldiers eye sprouted inside of it. Then the camera shifted to her brain and the soldier's body appeared with a shocked expression on its eyeless face. The camera then zoomed back out to me.

The world turned into a beat'em up fighting game. I pulled out a laser sword and cut the caterpillar in half. I then started fighting other caterpillar aliens around the place with the US army. After moved through the island fighting caterpillars I came to a town, the next level. There was a red sky overhead. People were attacking me while laughing, trying to kill me. I wasn't using a sword this time. I smacked people over trying to attack me until their health bar became lower and they fell unconscious. The US army wasn't around anymore. Then a teenage girl who tried to stab me. I did a upper cut to her teeth and her health bar was exchanged for the words “FATALITY”. She keeled over. It was then that I woke up.

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